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HowHyped.com is a project created to provide accurate and legit news to anime fans and lovers around the world. Our main objective is to deliver accurate information regarding the upcoming or ongoing anime, the information we provide is usually taken from leaks, rumors, previews, interviews, and trailers. we like to create hype among the fans about what they should expect from their favorite anime.

Whether there is going to be another season to your favorite anime or not, whether you should or shouldn’t expect your favorite old anime to return or not. we cover each and everything and try to provide that information on time. sometimes you’ll also find some spoilers regarding what is going to happen next, but don’t worry about that every time we will post a spoiler we will mention it before so it’ll be totally up to you whether you wanna read it or not.

Articles in this site are well researched before any article is published we make sure that the information provided in that article is totally accurate and is not based on just rumors.

Each article is written by a different member and goes through some process before getting published. you can rest assured that any news you’ll see in this site is accurate and not written to over hype readers just to gain some views. if you have any queries or questioned regarding anything or you think that information provided on this website is not accurate feel free to contact us.